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GRID PRO University provides an effective and direct online learning environment for service providers, operations teams, and maintenance personnel to become certified to autonomously conduct safe and effective installations. See the range of online courses available and the additional support material made available to assist the remote learner.

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With the option to conduct training in a classroom setting or on-site, GRID PRO University also provides the flexibility to accommodate the needs of any organization. Training can be conducted at the Franklin Electric Grid Solutions Training Facility in Madison, WI, at a mutually agreed upon local venue, or on a customer-provided installation. Whether in the classroom or at an on-site setting, all training sessions include one or two-day comprehensive training presentation, hands-on demonstrations and additional support materials. Find out more about the courses available or book your session directly.

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Franklin Electric Grid Solutions is here to help you gain a technical edge on ensuring uptime and uninterrupted power for your critical power systems. Learn how you can get real-time health and performance analytics on your system for data-driven decision making.

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